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Curriculum vitae

Wellington Robert Brothers, Ph.D., facilitator, networker, organizer, researcher, editor, timber sale tracker and forest/watershed restoration ecologist.

1944, born in Evanston, Illinois;

1966, Harvard College, B.A., magna cum laude in Social Relations;

1968, Universitat Tubingen, research on Hermann Hesse;

1972, University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology;

1973-1983, homesteading in northwest California and southwest Oregon;

1984-1999, researcher and organizer moving on-the-ground information about timber sales in national forests to media campaigns, legal action, and legislation; 9 million acres of ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest were saved from clearcutting by this coalition of local and national groups.

1995-1999, Forest Policy Analyst and Editor of "Forest News" for the Headwaters Environmental Center in Ashland, Oregon;

1997-1999, Chair of Forest Water Alliance's “Rapid Response Team,” tracking research media work for twenty northwest conservation groups, Information Coordinator for the Klamath-Siskiyou Alliance;

2000-2002, Project Manager for Legacy - The Landscape Connection, in Arcata, California, coordinating the mapping by 12 GIS specialists from 7 different organizations of 7.5 million acres of potential wilderness areas for the California Wild Heritage Campaign;

2000-2010, Board Member, Lomakatsi Restoration Project;

2003, Editor of “Wild Humboldt: exploring the art of wilderness connections;”

2004-2005, participant, Klamath Restoration Council, Orleans, California

2005, co-founder and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, Restoring Natural Cultures

2005-2009, website manager,, co-founder of The Agnes Baker Pilgrim Fund.

2006, organizer, First Nations’ Day, Ashland, Oregon

2007, organizer, Blessing Mount Ashland; helper, Sacred Salmon Ceremony, Native EcoSymposium

2008, organizer, 2nd annual Blessing Mount Ashland; founder, Blessing Mountains in the Snow; helper, Bear Dances in Trinity and Napa counties, California.

2009, organizer, 3rd annual Blessing Mount Ashland; helper, Blessing Page Mountain, Bear Dance south of Takelma, Oregon;

2010, helper, Northern River Bear Dance, Big Lagoon, California; organizer, 4th Annual Blessing Mount Ashland, helper, 2nd Annual Blessing Page Mountain and Bear Dance south of Takelma, Oregon; founder, Earth Devotion Support, with booths at the Rogue Valley Earth Day, Salmon Feast & Gathering, Peace Village Festival in southern Oregon, and EarthDance, Laytonville, California. We are Cells in Earth’s Body. ©

2011, website editor for Lomakatsi Restoration Project; helper, Northern River Bear Dance, Big Lagoon, California; organizer, 5th Annual Blessing Mount Ashland, Ashland, Oregon.


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